Treehouse’s Thoughtful Gifting Guide

It is getting closer and closer to that time of year when all that seems to be occupying our minds is how many more days or free weekends we have left to squeeze in all the Christmas shopping and preparation before the big day. Will we have a enough time? Will they love their present?… Read more »

Thoughtful Christmas Shopping for the Kids

Isn’t buying Christmas gifts a magical experience?  Every day this month, I have been waking up to my inbox full of gift guides, my letterbox jammed with brochures, and the kids TV playing more toy adverts then Peppa Pig! And then of course…there is social media bombarding us with Christmas ads on every outlet like… Read more »

Kids feet: Top tips for looking after them by guest blogger and Podiatrist, Michael Tomassi

Look who is back!?!?  Michael Tomassi, who was a shoe fitter at Treehouse, whilst studying for his degree in Podiatry.  We are really proud of him and want to wish him a successful onward career. Footcare Scotland you are lucky to have him.  Here he has put together a nice and easy read; explaining what a… Read more »

Top 5 reasons to buy ‘proper’ school shoes, by Treehouse

I get it, you think that buying school shoes whilst doing your weekly shop, will save you time and money.  WRONG.  Let’s get straight into why we believe you should invest now at the start of term on the best quality and fit for your kids school shoes. Get kids feet measured and fitted for… Read more »

Children’s School Shoes – Buyer’s Picks 2018

SCHOOL SHOES – BUYER’S PICKS I am delighted to tell you our school shoe range is NOW available to shop on our new website. We have Sophie on the blog today.  Sophie is the co-owner of Treehouse and our buyer. Sophie has selected the new trends for the school season and her top picks for… Read more »

Don’t say the F word…..

…the FLOOD word! So now we are on the other side; safe and dry we want to say a massive THANK YOU for being patient and basically the best customers ever.  We are now OPEN for pre-booking haircuts and our toy room has been renewed and freshly stocked.  Our aim is now to wow you… Read more »