​At Treehouse, we believe that it's of the utmost importance to measure children’s feet accurately before buying them shoes. To facilitate this we have liaised with Start-rite, the UK’s leading children’s shoe supplier, to bring the highest level of knowledge to our shop floor.  Our staff are all professionally trained to fit and measure every shape and size of foot and we offer whole and half sizes with a variety of different width fittings.  The shoes are made of quality leather to allow your child’s feet to breath and  they are lightweight and flexible with strong support to make walking easier for young children.

Sophie, part-owner of Treehouse, has extensive experience gained working in a top London childrenswear store so whatever you want to know about kids shoes, she is your girl! There are so many lovely European and global brands available today and, in addition to Start-rite, we have included our favourites. We think they’ll become your favourites too. They cater for every occasion from nursery, school, home to holidays and those wetter days too.

We are committed to giving your child the best start and we have designed a ‘Treehouse three step guide’ to help you to understand how your child’s feet will change and what their needs will be at each stage of their development. The three stages are crawling, pre-walking and walking. Please pop in to our Treehouse store to pick up our ‘Treehouse three step guide’ leaflet, or speak to any member of staff without any obligation to buy.

As a special reward, and because this is a major milestone, children being fitted for their first shoes will recieve our special keepsake certificate for bravery.