Don’t say the F word…..

…the FLOOD word! So now we are on the other side; safe and dry we want to say a massive THANK YOU for being patient and basically the best customers ever.  We are now OPEN for pre-booking haircuts and our toy room has been renewed and freshly stocked.  Our aim is now to wow you… Read more »

Dressing up for World Book Day?

Get involved with World Book Day on Thursday 2nd March 2017.  At Treehouse we are massive champions of children’s books and reading, having stocked a large selection of books since we opened. If you haven’t already been on to this website, then do it now, as there is so much amazing stuff that we can… Read more »

Merry Christmas from Team Treehouse

Dear Customer, Thanks a million for your custom in 2016.  We have had a fantastic year chopping hair, fitting shoes and providing toys, books, and gifts for all those special occasions.  It’s such a privilege to be a part of your memory making!  Watching your babies grow into toddlers and  then into children getting ready for school is wonderful.  Thank… Read more »

Micro Scooters

 Introducing the NEW deluxe range of Micro Scooters in the Mini and Maxi range…….. The award winning  Micro Scooter has been the firm favourite scooter by millions of parents across the world, and for good reason! This Swedish craftsmanship has been a leader due to their intuitive ‘lean and steer’ movement which is easily understood by children… Read more »

Introducing Lottie at Treehouse….the doll that can stand on her own two feet.

We are absolutely delighted to announce that Lottie Dolls have landed in our Stockbridge store and we think you are going to approve.  Perfect timing for gift buying this Christmas! We, like many parents, found ourselves fed up with the generic make-up filled, jewellery wearing, dolls which are overly sexual and promote unhealthy body images.… Read more »

School Shoes and Haircut Appointment

As the middle of August approaches, many see this a great chance to squeeze in those last few weeks of fun and enjoy the sunshine! It is also the time that you start saying and hearing the words ‘Back to School’.  Whether you’re a parent with your first child going into Primary school or something of a… Read more »

What features should I look for when buying children’s shoes?

Hi everyone, My name is Beth, and I am a podiatrist at Treehouse Childrenswear.  This blog entry is all about what to look for in a shoe from a podiatrist’s perspective, and all associated features. Shoe fitting is extremely important for everybody, but especially vital for children. Childrens’ feet are much more flexible when in comparison to our own… Read more »