Children’s School Shoes – Buyer’s Picks 2018


I am delighted to tell you our school shoe range is NOW available to shop on our new website. We have Sophie on the blog today.  Sophie is the co-owner of Treehouse and our buyer. Sophie has selected the new trends for the school season and her top picks for each category – take a look…


A typical girl’s school shoe tends to come in two ways, either mary-jane or a t-bar. But what if your child wants to kick a ball around at playtime, or you want their feet kept warm and dry over the colder/wetter days. I hear you! Closed-in shoes will give you another option for girls.

Check out Froddo Morgan, £56.00. It’s stylish. It’s patent. It has a toe bumper. I think it ticks all the boxes.


Gone are the days when customers want just a boy or girl selection, you want classic, no detail- one shoe for anyone. We have a whole category designated for unisex styles on our new website.

Petasil Pose £54.00 is one of my favourites in this category. The leather is super soft and padded, it offers a stylish flat sole that makes it look like a trainer and two thick velcro straps.


Brogues are back and bolder than ever! Last year it was delicate brogues, this year it’s all about the Dr Martins style – the bigger the sole, the better.

Froddo Frankie ticks the boxes for me for the thick laces, thick sole and classic brogue  detailing throughout. £56.00. Don’t be fooled, Frankie is not clumpy, it’s a lightweight brogue with flexibility.


The school term covers Autumn, Winter and Spring months with a small amount of Summer. More and more customers are looking for school boots to cover their feet, keeping them warm and dry over the colder days. Start the new school term with our ankle boots from Froddo and Ricosta.

I love Ricosta Darryl, it’s a very lightweight Chelsea style boot that can be worn with skirts, dresses and trousers, £65.00 and free delivery.


We have an exciting range of selection of school shoes this season, available to shop online and in our Edinburgh store.  There is FREE SHIPPING on orders over £60 or you can click and collect.