Check The Fit

As qualified shoe fitters we always recommend having shoes fitted by a shoe fitter but we also know that in today’s busy world it’s not always possible. That’s why we want to provide as much information as we can, so you can be confident that your child is
comfortable in their new shoes.

To check your new shoes are the correct fit follow the instructions in this step-by- step guide.


Before we begin. Make sure your child has sock’s on and they are pulled up nicely so there’s no creasing.
Have your child sitting on a seat, open the shoes up nice and wide and place both shoes on your child’s foot.
Fasten them so they’re comfortably secure.


With one hand on the child’s ankle, give it a gentle tug to make sure the shoe is secure. If it feels a little loose then fasten the strap a little tighter and try again.
Stand your child up straight, away from the seat and with the feet slightly apart.
At this stage you may need to adjust the fastening a little bit more.
To check the heel support. Run your fingers from the back of the heel and around the ankle bone ensuring there are no gaps and the shoe is clearing the ankle bone. If your shoes have extra padding it can be closer to the ankle bone.
Tip – You don’t want to be able to fit your finger into the shoe.


With your thumb and index finger run your fingers down the sides to ensure the child’s foot is aligned nicely with the shoe.
If you can feel the edges bursting over the sides of the shoe or the small toe up against the material the shoe it is too tight.


Run your thumb over the top of the shoe. Here you want to see the fabric moving slightly.
If you can catch the material this indicates the shoe is too wide.
If it doesn’t move at all, the shoe is too tight.


To check the important growing room at the front of the shoes. Run your thumb forward to meet the end of the largest toe.

Ask the child to wiggle their toes slightly to help you identify the end.
You are looking for 1cm, roughly a thumb nails width of growing space.


Lastly, get your child to walk in their new shoes. Look to see if the shoes are secure and your child is walking normally and confidently.


If you can’t feel for the growing room inside the shoe, another way of checking is removing the insoles from inside the shoes. Check first, that they can be removed.
If so, take them out of the shoe and place them on the floor. Carefully allow your child to stand on the insoles and adjust the feet so the heel is just hitting the back on the insole.
You can then see how much space they have at the front of their shoes.


We advise that a buckled shoe should fasten in the middle hole with a hole available either side.


Fastening a lace up shoe it’s advisable to have a gap between the leathers.


We advise that a velcro fastening should just touch the end of the strap. If it overlaps significantly then the shoe is too wide. If the strap doesn’t come near the edge then the shoe is too narrow.

Need more help?
Please call a member of our team and ask for a shoe fitter. Our shoe team are all professional shoe fitters and will be happy to answer any questions. Call 0131 2251242