Petasil Tim Cognac

Petasil Tim Cognac T-bar Shoes


Gorgeous and classic these T-bars are super soft and versatile making them the perfect first walking shoe

  • infant UK 3 (EU 19)
  • infant UK 4 (EU 20)
  • infant UK 4.5 (EU 21)
  • infant UK 5 (EU 22)


Petasil Tim Cognac T-bar Shoes

Petasil is a Portuguese brand that offers high quality leather shoes that are comfortable and fashionable. Their soles are mainly produced in thermoplastic rubber so they are soft, comfortable and able to absorb shocks to protect your little ones feet. With a wide range of styles and colours to suit any taste they are a perfect option for any occasion.

These gorgeous soft brown T-bars are made from supple leather that is flexible and light and will mould to the shape of your little one’s feet over wear. This is a classic and versatile style shoe that will match any outfit. The super soft and flexible thermoplastic rubber sole ensures it is a perfect choice for a first walking shoe.

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