SmartMax Starter Pack


SmartMax starter pack is a chunky magnetic building set designed for little hands with big imaginations.

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SmartMax is a quality brand of magnetics for little people. This starter pack is great for kids age 1-5 years due to the chunky pieces.

The start pack contains 16 colourful magnetic bars and 9 silver magnetic balls.

these oversized sturdy pieces offer a large range of exploring and connecting possibilities that stimulate the creativity of amplifying young minds. The oversized pieces are specifically created for handling by young children as they explore the interesting world of magnetism in a fun and safe way!


  • 12 medium bars (3 of each colour),4 long bars (1 of each colour) and 9 metal balls.ation

(The blue and green coloured bars repel; the yellow and red coloured bars attract)

  • Size: 35cm x 43cm x 6cm
  • Weight: 970g
  • 25 pieces.
  • Age 1+.