Tell Tail’s Striped Cat Tail


A fun wearable tail that can be adjusted to suit your little ones moods, made from super soft faux fur

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Tell Tail’s Striped Cat Tail

A TellTail is-put simply- a wearable animal tail for humans, made from a range of fabrics you can bend them, curl them or squash them to your desired shape and because of their stuffing they even move around like a real tail! They attach on an elastic waistband meaning one size fits all and they will fit around any outfit. Perfect for fancy dress, parties or just casual everyday wear a TellTail is an exercise in silliness. It encourages play and dance and are bright and a range of textures for your little ones to get creative with. The Tails are made to be robust and hardwearing, all they need are a quick wipe down with a damp cloth if dirty.
This particular tail could belong to a funky, fluffy cat!  Suitable for ages 3-10
-Stuffed for realistic movement
-Elasticated Waistband for comfort and versatility
-Tail comes with malleable wire inside so can be shaped to suit the mood
-Soft faux fur
-Please do not machine wash, wipe down with a damp cloth