Little people Big Dreams Agatha

Little People Big Dreams Agatha Christie


This massively popular children’s book series explores the lives of some of the most influential figures in history.

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Little People Big Dreams Agatha Christie This incredible book series by Isabel Sanchez Vegara explores the lives of little people who had big dreams for the future and who grew up to be some of the most famous and influential people in our society. Little people Big Dreams is the original biography book series for your little ones to inspire them to chase their dreams and ambitions and learn more about these incredible people. Massively popular here at Treehouse the series has been growing over the past year and has recently branched out into famous male figures as well as games and fun activities. Each individual book is illustrated by a different illustrator to perfectly bring to life the childhood of these amazing figures and each book comes with a timeline at the back with pictures so your little one can learn even more. Agatha Christie is known to be one of the greatest and most influential Authors of all time, this book explores her childhood and young inspirations and well as her later life and the legacy she left behind. Illustrated by Elisa Munso